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Reading Skills


Reading Skills is an educational app where you can learn more than 350 nouns in 10 languages! Everyone, young and old, can learn words and concepts in English, Spanish, German, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Polish and Dutch!

For the best possible training we have included 6 different activities:

Images A selection of images is shown and a word is heard. Your task is to touch the correct image. This type of training is perfect for learning words in different languages. For the small children you will find rewards and surprises like teddy bears and owls doing funny things.

Alphabet In this part you train on how to recognize the letters in the alphabet just by hearing their names. Uppercase and lowercase characters are included. Rewards and surprises are given in this exercise as well.

Words and images Part 3 uses both words and images at the same time. Seeing the text under the image eases the learning. For each correct answer a part of a hidden picture is revealed! Learn words Words are now presented without any images, which makes this part a pure listening-reading exercise. Response-time is measured and you get a number of stars depending on how fast you were. Only the fastest responses get 5 stars!

Initial letter We now make is really hard by using words with the same initial letter(s). This time your reading is really put to the test!

The right word A framed picture is shown and underneath it you will find a set of words. Can you find the right one? Once the correct answer have been given you will see only the correct, now larger, text and picture combined so you will remember it to the next time.


Languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Polish and Dutch. For each language, the following settings are available:

• The button with the sound icon turns on or off the menu music.
• The button with the flag is for changing the language.
• The button with "abc" toggles between uppercase and lowercase letters.
• The button with the star chooses difficulty level (1-5).
• The button with boxes selects the number of boxes with images and words on the screen (4, 6, 9 or 12 boxes).
• The button with colour chooses the background colour.
• The button with a teddy bear turns on or off on rewards in the first activities.

Difficulty levels

Level 1 - monosyllabic words such as car, sun and bed.
Level 2 - short words such as flag, ant, and drum.
Level 3 - words with a silent –e, such as cake, fence and frame.
Level 4 - difficult words such as mirror and tomato.
Level 5 - a blend of hard and easy words



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Version 1.0