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TeddyMix 1


TeddyMix 1 - Sort and categorize

This app stimulates the child’s verbal skills through training of terms and concepts in beautiful illustrated environments. It strengthens the ability to observe pictures and take notice of details. The app contributes to the development of a child’s vocabulary, short term memory, coordination and understanding for visual attention.

The Teddy gives instructions and reward speech in English.

Sort the objects

Here you will see a number of objects that belong to different categories such as flowers, birds, mushrooms, furniture clothes, toys, fruit and vegetables and more. Click on an object and sort it in the correct box. In this activity children learn basic terms which are important for a solid verbal development.

Which does not belong?

Here you will see a number of objects, one of which does not belong to the group. Click on the odd one and it will disappear. For each correct answer the child receives a golden star and positive comments from the Teddy. When all five golden stars shine the Teddy will say “good work”, “fantastic” etc and there will be a surprise as an extra award.

TeddyMix is the successor to the very popular educational computer software program Teddy Games, which was awarded as one of the best educational software programs for pre-school education in many countries around the world.

TeddyMix a collection of educational apps aimed at pre-school, nursery and the home learning environment, or at anyone who likes teddybears!

It is a delightful collection of early literacy activities. It combines animation, sound and appealing graphics into a collection of games to include matching, sorting and visual discrimination activities guaranteed to capture the attention and imagination of any young child.

Children improve their understanding through own experiences in activities where they sort objects in different categories, learn to compare, see differences and indifferences. Our apps enable children to play different games and explore their creative imagination.



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