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TeddyMix 2


TeddyMix 2 - Build and design

Educational app aimed at pre-school, nursery and the home learning environment, or anyone who likes teddy bears! It is designed in accordance with elementary pre-school pedagogy which stimulates the fantasy and allows the children to create their own pictures.

Here your child will be occupied for hours creating rooms, towns and houses of their own.

There are four different environments: a house with garden, a street, a living room and a kitchen. Here are a lot of fantastic images and cute animations of the teddies.

You place the object in your picture. In each category there are many different types of objects. Click several times on the objects to change their appearance or action. In each of these environments there are many teddies performing different activities. The teddies can fry meatballs, sweep the floor, drink, eat, and kiss their dog and many other fun things.

Click on the radio in the upper corner to get music during work! When the picture is finished it can be saved in the picture album.

Click on the camera in the corner of the screen to save the picture.

In this app the child learns to observe colors, sizes, directions and positions. They learn basic spatial dimensional terms such as “in front of - behind”, “below - above” and much more. TeddyMix is a delightful collection of early literacy activities. It combines simple animation, sound and appealing graphics into a collection of games to include matching, sorting and visual discrimination activities guaranteed to capture the attention and fantasy of any young child.

Children improve their understanding through own experiences in activities where they sort objects in different categories, learn to compare, see differences and indifferences. Our apps enable children to play different games and explore their fantasy.

Our Apps do not contain any commercials or sales promotions. It is also not possible in the app itself to click on a button for information etc. In this way, children can train independently without ending up in the wrong place not knowing where to click to get back.



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