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MegaMix Retro


MegaMix Retro is a collection of 6 different retro inspired playful and educational activities for children from 3 and up. Suitable for all ages in special education and a good focus for language development and visual perception.

Domino I Domino you will match two wagons carrying symbols of the same sort. There are 90 different symbols to combine. When you have matched the right symbols the engine puffs forward a little bit and when all the wagons are placed the trains puffs away to come back with new symbols.

Fruit picking In Fruit picking catch falling fruit. Now you have got to catch the right kind of fruit falling from the fantasy trees.

Music Games In Music Games you will place rock musician on stage. When a musician is placed on stage he will play a short solo. When all the musicians are on stage the band will play a tune together. You can also click on any of the musicians on stage to hear him play. Music Games contains many different tunes and short pieces of music for you to experience music in an interactive way.

Scratching In Scratching you will use your fingers to uncover pictures. When you have uncovered the whole scene it will come alive with animation and sounds. There are 24 different pictures lying behind in this activity.

Dot to Dot I Dot to Dot you will draw the lines between numbered dots forming the contour of a figure. When you are done, the figure comes to live with animation and sound.

Jigsaw puzzles Here you will find a number of easy jigsaw puzzles.