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Panda Mix


In Panda Mix the children will play and learn with four different activities:

Which belong together - train concepts and letters
Match - practice words
Puzzles - brain exercise
Make the same - practice spatial awareness and details

In Panda Mix the children have an opportunity to

• develop their creative abilities and the ability to convey their thoughts and experiences through play and art.
• develop an interest in pictures, sounds and different media and their ability to use, interpret and discuss these things.

Match the objects
Level 1: match a silhouette to the correct picture.
Level 2: match objects by concept, e.g. spider and spider web.
Level 3: match uppercase and lower case letters.

Belong together
Two pieces belong together. Drag one picture from the bottom row to the top. When the picture is complete the name of the object is spoken.

Level 1: two images
Level 2: three images
Level 3: four images

Beautiful images as a basis for puzzle. Click on two pieces of the puzzle and they will swap position. Good brain training. This exercise develops the ability to see and identify features by investigating and exploring, completing a pattern and identify relationships in the images. It encourages logical thinking and problem solving.

Level 1: four puzzle pieces
Level 2: eight puzzle pieces
Level 3: twelve puzzle pieces

Make them the same
Here the child must use the available objects to duplicate a picture. This requires careful observation and discrimination to notice which parts of the picture are missing and where the objects must go.

Two pictures are shown. Various details have been removed from one of them. The child must look at the original picture to replace the missing objects, making the two pictures the same.

This is an exercise that trains visual attention.



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