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Cross Fun


Cross Fun is an app designed to practice your spelling and vocabulary while doing crosswords. The app includes four different exercises – each of those features 270 crosswords and has three different difficulty levels. A total of 1080!

While writing you will hear the letters be spelled out and when you have completed the word it will be spelled out as well.

Game Set

1. Crossword - Solve the crossword in the proposed order or drag letters into boxes as you like.

2. Hidden words - When you touch the letters that forms the word those will light up and when you are finished an illustration of the word will show.

3. Puzzles - Swap the letters until you spelled all the words right.

4. Fire! Solve crosswords on time! Drag the letters in the right place before they catch fire.


Settings are saved until the next time you use the app. The following settings are possible:

• The audio icon turns on and off the menu music
• The flag icon changes the language
• The "A" icon switches between upper and lower case
• The line icon selects the width of the lines
• The number icon chooses how many extra letters you want for help in the "Crossword" game set
• The star icon switches to a different game set out of the four different ones



iOS Android Windows

Version 1.0