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Spelling Mix 2


The sequel to Spelling Mix (Apple staff favourite) is finally here!

Spelling Mix 2 is an educational app designed for language and literacy development at pre-school, nursery, school, and at home. It includes over 300 common english nouns in 8 different languages!

To inspire and motivate the child we use the following three activities:

This exercise is for the children who are more advanced in reading and letter recognition. You can choose only letters to be sorted in alphabetical order, words and even words which starts the same. You can choose to show a section of the alphabet for assistance.

The child then has to tap on the letters in the correct order to spell the word. When they find the right letter the barrier opens and the car can pass through. If they choose the wrong letter or are too slow the barrier closes and the car crashes!

When the word is spelled, it will be transported away by a car.

This is a "hangman” exercise in which the child clicks on the letters to form a word.

Tap the button A-B-C to choose between uppercase or lowercase letters.

Tap on the flag to change language. The following languages can be selected: English, Spanish, German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch and Italian.

Tap the candy icon to get some help in Sort in alphabetical order.

Tap the car button to the left to set the car speed.

Tap the icon with a picture to show an image in the game.

Disclosures for Parents
We take your kids privacy and safety serious. This app includes
- no links
- no ads
- no tracking functions
- no share functions

Privacy Policy: www.leripa.se/privacyall.php



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