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Reading World 2


Reading World 2 is a language and literacy program with many attractive images and full speech support. This app is designed to improve reading and understanding of words in context. It contains 4 different activitites and 1150 sentences to practise on.

1. Who am I? Guess riddles!
I have both trunk and crown! I am a .... Solve the four puzzles on each screen. Drag the right image to the riddle.

2. Which Word?
Which word is missing?

Fill in the missing word in the sentence. You can listen to each word by touching it. The missing word can be a verb, a noun, or a preposition.

3. Build a sentence!
Build a sentence by starting with the word that has a capital letter. When the sentence is completed, the sentence is read aloud.

4. Right or Wrong
This activity presents four sentences where some fit the image and some not. Press the green button if the sentence is correct. Press the red button if the sentence is wrong. Press sentence if you want it spoken.

5. Settings
Language selection.
Menu music on or off.
Speech and music on or off in each activity where available.



iOS Android Windows

Version 1.6