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NumberMix 1


Number Mix 1 is an educational app providing practice in early number work with delightful graphics as well as speech and sound. Here there is number recognition 1-9 and counting items 1-9 and to listen to instructions. This app is to be used at pre-school, nursery, school, and at home.

Here you learn:
• Recognize and read numerals 1-9
• Hear numbers 1 to 9 counted as well as the items

To inspire and motivate the child we use the following three activities:

Press a number
Press a number - select a number from the on-screen number line or type a number on the keyboard. A corresponding number of objects will appear and will be counted and the numeral is shown.

Count things
Count things - count the objects and select the correct number. The number of objects is then spoken, e.g. “seven turtles”.

Build a caterpillar!
Build a Caterpillar is a lovely math game that kids love. Here kids are challenged to follow verbal directions to build just a specific caterpillar. Children will place different parts like eyes, antennas, ears, legs and spots after the voice instruction.

Tap on the flag to change language. The following languages can be selected: Swedish, English and German.
Tap on the star icon to set level.
Tap on sound icon to turn on or off effect sounds.




Version 1.1