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Letters and More


Letters and More is designed to help students learn and use the alphabet in a fun way. Students will practice finding the initial letters in words, spelling and trying to write words. The program consists of six different activities.

Letters and More is an inspiring program designed to teach the letters of the alphabet. It is also designed to help students read and write the names of 450 common objects.

Word clouds
Click on the words on the clouds that start with the letter at the top of the screen.

Match words and pictures
The bee shows a word. Click on the cow showing the right image.

The Word House
Here you see a picture of a hatch in the roof of a house. Spell the word. You can always click on the hatch if you need help.

Here you can write any words you want. If the word is in the programs word list, you will see a picture of it and hear the word. Type your name or any word not in the word list and you will get a flower reward when you press OK or the Enter key. You can choose to work with upper-case or lower-case letters.

Spell the Word
The letters of a word are shown and spoken one at a time. Remember the word and type it in the boxes below. If you make a mistake you hear an error sound. The bird sings when you spell a word correctly. Click on the washing to get some help.

Remember Words
Here a bee flies across the screen carrying words. Try to remember them. Select the correct molehill a flower grows. If you click the wrong word a mole comes out of a molehill.



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