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TeddyMix 3


TeddyMix 3 is an educational app aimed at pre-school, nursery and the home learning environment, or anyone who likes teddy bears! It is designed in accordance with elementary pre-school pedagogy, which stimulates the fantasy and allows the children to create their own pictures and postcards.


  • Create your own teddy or a whole family of teddies
  • Choose between boy-girl and 5 different sizes
  • Dress the teddies exactly as you like
  • Place the teddies in 5 different existing scenarios, or
  • Insert the teddies into your own pictures using the camera or the gallery
  • Add your own speech bubbles
  • Save the postcard to your gallery
  • Use your gallery to send the newly created postcard to your friends!
  • Click on the radio in the upper corner to get music during work!
  • Talk about a suitable background for the choice of clothes or vice versa!
  • Create empty bubbles, print the image, and then use a pen to write your text

Click on the camera in the corner of the screen to save the picture to your gallery.

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iOS Android Windows

Version 1.0