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Early Years Mix

A comprehensive software suite for early learners with three levels of difficulty.

The five parts to the program each have nine activities making forty five activities in total, covering early learning concepts in cause and effect, number, letter and word recognition and very much more providing a host of creative learning opportunities.

Early Years Mix is a downloadable program and can be bought as a complete suite or as individual parts.

Teddy Mix - sorting and categorising, creating scenes, dress the teddy, matching dominoes game.

Creative Mix - odd one out, categorising with more complex concepts, puzzles, a memory game, creating a short, multi-page story with sound, video and pictures.

Number Mix - number recognition, counting, addition and subtraction, dot to dot, listen to and follow instructions with numbers to build a caterpillar!

Letter Mix - letter recognition, word building, missing letters, initial letters, hidden letters.

Word Mix - match words and pictures, word recognition, put words in alphabetical order, "hangman" game, spell a word, word search.





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