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LäraMera and Leripa have created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. We want to provide fun, educational and safe moments for all children who use our software.

In-app purchases
Our products do not contain in-app purchases or risks for accidental purchases.

Advertisements and links
Our products do not contain banner ads. A Child Safety Lock protects the links to our Facebook page, Twitter and web page.

User information
We do not collect any user information.

Our software does not deliver notifications to your device.

Our third-party development platform company never sends emails, notifications, or other communications to our end users.

Opt-Out of Emails
If you subscribe to one of our mailing lists, we may occasionally email you with offers, promotions, or information of interest. To opt out of emails from us, please contact us at info@laramera.se

If you have any questions regarding privacy or other matters please contact us at info@laramera.se

English Svenska Danish Norwegian
Privacy policy Sekretesspolicy Privacy policy Personvern
No ads Ingen reklam Ingen reklamer Ingen reklame
No in-app purchases Inga inköp Ingen køb Ingen kjøp
No third-party Ingen tredje part Ingen tredjepart Ingen tredjepart
No data collection Ingen datainsamling Ingen dataindsamling Ingen datainnsamling
German Spanish Italian Finnish
Datenschutz Política de privacidad Politica sulla privacy Yksityisyyden suoja
Keine Angebote No hay anuncios Nessun annuncio Ei mainoksia
Keine In-App-Käufe No hay compras en la aplicación Nessun acquisti in-app Ei in-app ostot
Kein Dritter No terceros No di terze parti Ei kolmannen osapuolen
Keine Datensammlung Ninguna colección de datos Nessuna raccolta di dati Ei tiedonkeruu
Dutch Portuguese Polish  
Privacybeleid Política de Privacidade Polityka prywatności  
Geen advertentie Não há anúncios Brak reklam  
Geen in-app aankopen Não há compras in-app Brak w-app zakupów  
Geen van derden No terceiro No innej  
Geen gegevens verzamelen Sem coleta de dados No zbieranie danych